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Welcome to rstobj Documentation

rstobj is a library that construct Restructured Text markup or directives from Python Code. rstobj is based on jinja2.

The idea behind rstobj:

RestructuredText is super powerful, way more powerful than markdown. But have you ever think of customize YOUR OWN markup or directive and do some magic?

Sphinx Doc is the ultimate doc build tool. With rstobj, you can easily create your own markup / directive, and hide complex workflow behind a single markup / directive, then use it when you need it. Here’s some ideas:

  1. Use .. include-all-image:: to automatically scan image file under a directory, create .. image:: directive and organize everything in a table.
  2. Separate comment and value of the config file, automatically create an document for a config file.

I have a Blog Post to share how to create a sphinx doc extension in 50 lines and customize your own directive (Sorry, its written in Chinese).


import rstobj # or from rstobj import *

header = rstobj.markup.Header(title="Section1", header_level=1, auto_label=True)
rst_header = header.render()

ltable = rstobj.directives.ListTable(
    data=[["id", "name"], [1, "Alice"], [2, "Bob"]],
rst = ltable.render()


.. _section1:


.. list-table:: Users
    :header-rows: 1
    :stub-columns: 0

    * - id
      - name
    * - 1
      - Alice
    * - 2
      - Bob

I recommend to use this in your jinja2 template, content of outut.rst:

{{ header.render() }}
{{ ltable.render() }}

And use rstobj with sphinx-jinja library in sphinx doc project.

Supported directives:

  • .. image::
  • .. list-table::
  • .. contents::
  • .. code-block::
  • .. include::

Supported markup:

  • Header:

    .. _ref-label:
  • URL: `Text <Target>`_

  • Reference: :ref:`Text <Target>`

If you need more features, please submit an issue to


rstobj is released on PyPI, so all you need is:

$ pip install rstobj

To upgrade to latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade rstobj


Find all available markup and directive USAGE HERE

A Magic created by rstobj

This simple markup .. icontable:: demo-images creates

_images/lastfm.png _images/pinterest.png _images/soundcloud.png
_images/twitter.png _images/deviantart.png _images/instagram.png
_images/linkedin.png _images/facebook.png _images/google-plus.png

It finds all image file in demo-images directory, and put them in a 3-columns list table. Automatically resize them to 64 x 64 px.

The core source code is only like 50 lines.

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